Dispatcher Duty & Responsabilities



The Flight Dispatcher is responsible for the supervision of all aspects of Flight Control of the airline and associated aircraft movements and reports to the Operation Controller.



                 1.         Supervising all aspects of Flight Control of the airline and associated aircraft movements, keeping all concerned fully informed of delays, re-routing, etc. and transmitting aircraft movement and other related operations messages.

                 2.         Coordinating with Maintenance, Flight Operations, Commercial and all other departments and stations concerned, regarding re-routing and delays of aircraft in the event of adverse weather, mechanical breakdown etc. When necessary revising established procedures to cope with existing circumstances.

                 3.         Providing flight crews with information relative to current weather, route of flight, aircraft conditions, and operational status of en-route navigational aids, alternate airports and all other pertinent data for the safe and expeditions handling of each individual flight.

                 4.         Coordinating with relevant departments regarding operation of relief flights and special flights when necessary.

                 5.         Preparing and filing flight plans with Air Traffic Control.

                 6.         Preparing and distributing to all departments daily movement sheets showing system-wide operations of company aircraft.

                 7.         Coordinating Commercial responsibilities during after office hours.

                 8.         Obtaining parking positions for arriving aircraft and advising all concerned.

                 9.         Observing and reporting efficiency of Company and contracted personnel in carrying out their duties according to established systems and procedures.

            10.         Supervising all departures and arrivals.

            11.         Recording and Reporting any discrepancies and/or irregularities regarding flight and ground support equipment to Operations Controller and the proper authority for rectification.

            12.         Ensuring that Station Operations is advised when it is necessary to stop boarding of passengers and when boarding may commence after stoppage.

            13.         Coordinating with handling companies if ground support equipment is positioned improperly.

            14.         Reporting any evidence of pilfering and/or breaches of security to the proper authority and/or the Operations Controller.

            15.         Ensuring that all paperwork and movement records are completed, before closing the department.

            16.         Closing down all equipment and locking office.

            17.         Performing other duties as may be assigned by the Operation Controller.

            18.         Assist the Pilot-In-Command in flight preparation and provide the relevant information required.

            19.         File the air traffic control flight plan with the appropriate air traffic control services unit;

            20.         Keep Flight Watch and furnish the Pilot-In-Command while en-route, by appropriate means, information which may be necessary for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight;

            21.         In the event of an emergency, initiate the procedure in the Emergency and Security Manual.

            22.         Remain on duty until all the flights under his jurisdiction have been terminated, unless he has been properly relieved;

            23.         Maintain and promulgate as required records of aircraft movements;

            24.         Have the same duties for a wet-lease operation, if requested.

            25.         In performing his duties, a Flight Dispatcher shall comply with Company regulations and shall avoid taking any action that would conflict with the procedures established by any operating authority.


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