Date                    Company                        A/C Type               Reg              Place                           Fatality

50.03.25         DHY State Airlines        Douglas C-47      TC-BAL       Ankara Turkey                    15

Crashed and caught fire on landing.

53.09.25  DHY State Airlines               Douglas DC-3     TC-EGE      Ankara Turkey                      5

Crashed into dry river bed from a height of about 450 feet following an engine fire.

54.01.05         DHY State Airlines        Douglas DC-3     TC-BAG      Lapseki Turkey                     4

On a flight from Istanbul to Canakkale via Bandirma, it crashed into a hillside.

54.04.03         DHY State Airlines        Douglas DC-3     TC-ARK      Adana Turkey                     25

Crashed 15 minutes after takeoff.

59.02.17         THY Turkish Airlines    V.Viscount 793    TC-SEV      Gatwick Airport UK              9

The aircraft contacted tops of trees 390 feet amsl at the edge of Jordan's Wood, while trying to land in fog to London-Heathrow Airport.

61.09.23         THY Turkish Airlines    Fokker F-27         TC-TAY       Ankara Turkey                    28

Crashed 18km from the left side of the extended centreline of Ankara runway 03

62.03.08         THY Turkish Airlines    Fairchild F-27      TC-KOP      Adana Turkey                     11

The plane crashed at 6800 feet amsl, some 47nm from the Adana radio range.

62.06.28         THY Turkish Airlines    Douglas DC-3     TC-EFE       Bandirma Turkey                  0

Crashed during approach to Bandirma Airport

64.02.03         THY Turkish Airlines    Douglas DC-3     TC-ETI         Ankara Turkey                      3

The aircraft had crashed 12km from the extended centreline of Ankara runway 03

69.02.02         THY Turkish Airlines    Vickers Viscount TC-SET       Ankara Turkey                      0

The A/C struck an electricity pylon on approach, crashed and burst into flames.

70.02.17         THY Turkish Airlines    Fokker F-27         TC-TEZ       Samsun Turkey                     0

Touched down too far down the runway and overran into muddy ground.

72.01.21         THY Turkish Airlines    DC-9-32               TC-JAC       Adana area Turkey              1

The DC-9 diverted to Adana after pressurization problems. The aircraft hit the ground downwind on the 2nd approach and caught fire.

10.05.73         THY Turkish Airlines    Fairchild F-27      TC-KOC      Istanbul Turkey                      0

Belly landing; damaged beyond repair.

74.03.03         THY Turkish Airlines    DC-10-10             TC-JAV       Paris area France           346

After taking-off from Paris-Orly Airport, opening and separation of the aft left-hand cargo door caused the pressure difference in the cargo bay and passenger cabin, so the floor above the cargo door partly collapsed. Two occupied tripe seat units were ejected from the aircraft. All the horizontal stabilizer and elevator control cables routed beneath the floor of the DC-10 and were thus also severely disrupted. Also the nr.2 engine power was lost almost completely. The aircraft turned 9 deg to the left and pitched nose down. The nose-down attitude increased rapidly to -20 deg. Although the nr.1 and 3 engines were throttled back the speed increased to 360 kts. The pitch attitude then progressively increased to -4 degrees and the speed became steady at 430 kts (800 km/h). At a left bank of 17 degrees the DC-10 crashed into the forest of Ermenonville, 37 km NE of Paris.

74.01.26         THY Turkish Airlines    Fokker F-28         TC-JAO       Izmir AP Turkey                  64

The aircraft stalled on takeoff due to over rotation and frost accretion on the wings.

75.01.30         THY Turkish Airlines    Fokker F-28         TC-JAP       Istanbul area Turkey           41

The A/C was on a night instrument approach to Istanbul-Yesilköy when an electrical power failure occurred. The airport and runway lights went off but were restored within 10 seconds. In the meantime a missed approach was initiated by the crew. The pilot elected to remain VFR under a variable ceiling of 240m, because another aircraft was about to take-off, an extended downwind leg was flown. The aircraft crashed into the Sea of Marmara while maneuvering for another approach.

76.09.19         THY Turkish Airlines    Boeing 727-200  TC-JBH       Karatepe/Isparta Turkey 154

Attempted to land at Isparta as if it was Antalya.

79.12.23         THY Turkish Airlines    Fokker F-28         TC-JAT        Cucuk Koy Ankara Turkey 39

Struck a hill after deviating from the localizer course while on an ILS approach to Ankara.

83.01.16         THY Turkish Airlines    Boeing 727-200  TC-JBR       Esenboga AP Turkey        47

The A/C landed 50m short of the runway in driving snow, broke up and caught fire.

88.02.27         Talia Airways                 Boeing 727-200  TC-AKD      Ercan area/N-Cyprus         15

The crew had been cleared for a VOR approach, but cancelled IFR and descended to 2000 feet, disregarding the altitude of the mountain chain ahead (3130 feet). Noticing mountains ahead the pilot tried to turn left and climb, but struck the mountain.

89.08.25         Torosair                          Boeing 727-200  TC-AJV       Esenboga AP Turkey          0

Struck an ILS aerial 300m past the runway end and returned to land; damaged beyond repair.

89.03.06         Türk Hava Kurumu       Swearingen Metro   TC-FBU  Istanbul Turkey                      0

During approach, overran into muddy ground

90.10.14         Pegasus Airlines            Boeing 737-4Y0  TC-AFK       Istanbul Turkey                      0

Caught fire during refueling. Minor damage.

94.12.29         THY Turkish Airlines    Boeing 737-400  TC-JES       Van Turkey                          76

Struck a hill at 5700 feet amsl while on a 2nd runway 03 VOR/DME approach in bad weather (900m visibility, reducing to 300m in driving snow)

96.02.06         Birgenair                        Boeing 757-200  TC-GEN      Puerto Plata / Dominic    189

The incorrect ASI readings were possibly caused by an obstructed pitot tube. The crew's failure to recognize the activation of the stick shaker as a warning of imminent entrance to the stall and the failure of the crew to execute the procedures for recovery from the onset of loss of control.

96.05.17         Air Alfa                           A300B4-200        TC-ALP       Istanbul AP Turkey               0

Cabin fire on ground; the Airbus burned out.

98.01.11         THY Turkish Airlines    Avro RJ-100         TC-THF       Samsun AP Turkey              0

The A/C overran runway 03 and continued down a slope for 67m.

99.07.04         THY Turkish Airlines    Boeing 737-400  TC-JEP       Adana Turkey                       6

The plane crashed, nine minutes after takeoff. The severe weather conditions probably contributed to the cause of the accident. The pitot static anti-ice system was probably not activated during preparations for flight because of missed checklist items. The crew failed to recognize the cause of an erratic airspeed indication. The crew failed to use other cockpit indications for control and recovery of the airplane. The presence of cabin crew in the cockpit probably distracted the attention of the cockpit crew.

00.04.22         THY Turkish Airlines    Bae Avro RJ-70   TC-THL       Siirt AP Turkey                     0

The aircraft overran the wet runway on landing.

03.01.08         THY Turkish Airlines    Avro RJ-100         TC-THG       Diyarbakir AP Turkey        75

The aircraft crashed while on a VOR/DME approach to runway 34 in limited visibility conditions due to fog. The aircraft broke up after impacting the ground some 900m short of the runway.

04.02.25         Inter Airlines                  Fokker F-28/100 TC-IEC        İstanbul AP Turkey               0

The left main undercarriage collapsed after landing on runway 06/24, causing the Fokker 100 to skid off the runway into a field.

07.11.30         Atlasjet Air Ways          Douglas MD-83   TC-AKM      Cukurören area Turkey      57

Wet-Leased from World Focus Airlines, the airplane crashed in mountainous terrain near Isparta.



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